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Our Annual Shrub Program was created to ensure your landscape stays pest and disease free year round by combining timely fertilization with insect and disease controls.

A brief outline of our seven applications can be found below. 

Yard 1.jpg
Dormant Oil: 
Dormant Oil and fungicide are applied to your landscape. Dormant Oil is a clear, non-toxic liquid that will smother any hibernating insects and mites. Fungicide will control any cool season disease activity. 
Early Spring Application: 
We apply a slow release fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This balance will provide nutrients for good spring growth and blooms. Disease and insect controls applied where needed. 
Spring Application: 
Disease and insect controls will be applied. This is the time of year to be looking for aphid and powdery mildew activity. 
Early Summer Application: 
Disease and insect controls are applied for continued residual protection against invading summer problems such as lace bugs and aphids (pictured above)
Summer Application: 
Disease and insect controls are again applied for continued residual protection. 
Fall Application: 
Another close inspection of individual shrubs. Controls for damaging insects and diseases are applied. 
Winter Application:
Granular slow release fertilizer is applied to your landscape. This will supply the nutrients to strengthen your landscape for the upcoming cold months and continue a hearty and healthy root system. 
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