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Certain turf types are more prone to disease or specific weeds. We at GreenKeeper know these problems require additional treatments and are here to help.  

Brown Patch Reduction:
This fungus is common in the Fall, and appears as a circle (there may be more than one in a yard) with a ring of yellow/orange grass around the edges. Blades in these areas will easily pull from the runners and the center will turn brown as the damaged area expands.
GreenKeeper offers a three step monthly treatment program beginning in September through early December. 
Just 1.5 times the price of a normal lawn application for each visit.
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3-in-1 Worm Reduction:
Some years Sod Webworms can become a problem in St. Augustine. Additionally, Army Worms can cause issues in Bermuda yards. 
Most customers will notice brown areas spreading throughout the yard almost over night. There is no need to panic. We can apply a specialized insecticide on the entire yard to prevent these worms from damaging the yard further. 
This additional service is 2 times the price of a normal visit and will prevent these pests for up to
60 days.


Grassy Weed Control: 

Grassy weeds are a problem in Bermuda yards. For those that see a lot of these weeds (like Dallisgrass), we recommend two applications 7-10 days apart after your Early Summer/Summer application. These two additional treatments should eliminate all controllable grassy weeds.


This service can only be done when temperatures are over ninety degrees. We offer this service from June until August.

The two additional visits are each the same price as your regular application.

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