St. Augustine:                                                  Bermuda:

Brown Patch Reduction:
This fungus is common in the Fall, and appears as a circle (there may be more than one in a yard) with a ring of yellow/orange grass around the edges. Blades in these areas will easily pull from the runners and the center will turn brown as the damaged area expands.
GreenKeeper offers a three step monthly treatment program beginning in September through early December. 
Just 1.5 times the price of a normal Lawn application for each visit.

Grassy Weed Control: 

Grassy weeds are a problem in Bermuda yards. For those that see a lot of these weeds (like Dallisgrass), we recommend a second application 7-10 days after your early summer/summer application. We will also come by a third time to make sure the applications are working. This second treatment should eliminate all controllable grassy weeds. This service can only be done when temperatures are over ninety degrees. We usually offer this service in June through August.

The second visit is the same price as your regular application and the third visit is not charged. 

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